June 21, 2021

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The Top Five Neighborhoods to Rent a Studio in Luxembourg

Studio apartments are all the rage these days, with their ability to save you money and keep you comfy. A typical studio has only the essential rooms in an open floor plan. These rooms are the living room, sleeping area, and the kitchen. They are sometimes partitioned from the others using short walls, but the bathroom is usually wholly walled off.

Famous for being one of the happiest places in the world, Luxembourg is somewhere most people would love to live. And a studio apartment is an excellent option to live while exploring or working in this picturesque country. But before you buy or rent a studio in Luxembourg, take a look at five great neighborhoods where you can reside.


One of the more popular areas, Belair is an excellent choice because of its calm ambiance, easy access to shops, excellent restaurants, parks, etc. and this neighborhood is very close to Luxembourg City. It has attracted and is occupied by, a good number of expatriates because of this proximity.

Also, It has a relatively flat topography that encourages biking, and this makes it even easier to get to the city by bike. This means of transportation is quite convenient considering the traffic jam that is a rush hour regular. In all, this chic neighborhood works well as a great residential area for getting a studio.

Belair Luxembourg


Small but very interesting, Strassen is seen sometimes as an extension of Luxembourg City. It is a very dynamic community with over 90 nationalities represented in its population. And with a 59% population of foreigners, it will be easy to feel right at home.

The highly commercial Route d’Arlon connects this diverse commune to the bustling city of Luxembourg. This closeness is one of its most appealing qualities. Although the spike in the number of residents has also influenced a rise in property prices. If costs are not an issue for you, then Strassen is an excellent location for your home.

Strassen Luxembourg


Merl is one of the neighborhoods around Luxembourg City bustling with activities. It has something for everyone, from beautiful relaxation spots to enjoyable cultural activities. These relaxation spots include the famous Parc Merl, which is just one example of the perks of living here.

With its location near major highways, this area offers excellent traffic links to famous places around the city. It is also one of the most populated neighborhoods, but this is not a drawback if you are someone who wants a vibrant area to reside.

Merl Luxembourg


The town of Howald is another area worthy of this list. Located in Southern Luxembourg, it merges with one of the suburbs of Luxembourg City and is another populous neighborhood around the city.

This area is a pretty quiet one, but that does not make it boring. It has a good number of fine restaurants, parks, and is home to a fairly diverse population. And even if it has a problem with heavy traffic, it is still a great place to make a home.

Howald Luxembourg


The location of this neighborhood on a plateau, right at the heart of Luxembourg, and its lovely architecture; make Limpertsberg a unique place to live. A throwback to an earlier era, its architecture gives the area a calm and elegant ambiance.

It has a high population, with a majority of Luxembourgish families, but expatriates can still be found here. Also, with the Utopia Cinema and the Grand Theatre, this area has an exciting and sophisticated offering of culture. Due to these and more perks, Limpertsberg is one of the premier choices for anyone looking to live in Luxembourg.

Limpertsberg Luxembourg studio for rent