USA Property Investment

Four Principles Of Property Investment in the USA

Property investors focus on four critical factors which are vitally important to your successful US property investment:

Below Market Value pricing – we believe that clients should make money when they invest in their US property. The core of Axis sourcing skill is in finding and negotiating deal at up to 40% below current valuation and up to 74% below previous peak pricing. You can anticipate substantial equity in your US property when you invest!

Positive Rental Yield – making sure that you earn a good income from the start. All Axis property investments in the USA offer an excellent rental yield which can reach 22% net (after costs and expenses) per annum!

USA Property Investment

Use of Leverage and/or Velocity – our American investment strategies increase investor returns and profit, by the use of leverage (borrowing), which means you invest less cash, and/or through velocity (buying in locations that will recover faster than average).

These strategies for USA investment can increase your capital growth to as much as 500% in five years!* (*subject to status and investment performance in the future)

Clear Exit Strategy – buying is easy, achieving your profit is what matters. This is particularly important when you expect to resell your US property in a short to medium term time frame.