Condos for sale in Jakarta: Best Areas to Invest

Condos for sale in Jakarta: Best Areas to Invest

There is a proverb that the three most crucial things in real estate are location, location, and location. Even though that saying has become a cliché, there is a reason for that: it is absolutely on point. An excellent way to estimate the market value of a condo is by taking a look at the streets, clinics, offices, nearby homes, and other facilities. A good neighborhood plays a vital role in determining the worth of your condo.

A good area is of great benefits to real estate owners as it supports a steady rise in capital values while a poor location stagnates the investment values there. If you are looking for a Condo for sale in Jakarta always consider the area. We have put up a list of the best neighborhood you should consider when scouting for a condo in Jakarta. Check them out below:

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Right in Central Jakarta, one of the most prestigious and oldest neighborhood is Menteng. Buying a condo in Menteng will cost you a pretty penny because it has lots of attractions, government offices, etc. Despite the hefty price for condos, many people still flock of this location. Menteng also has a few shopping malls around, and this also adds to the luxury of the location.


A very convenient place to invest in a condo in Jakarta is Sudirman. Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD) locally is part of the very amazing business districts in the Asia Pacific. Sudirman has several skyscrapers which are in the Central Business District and are majorly operated by five-star hotel owners and gives a luxury lifestyle.

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Kuningan is a place dominated by several housing developments, loved by expats, and situated around JL, Rasuna Said. Patra Kuningan is part of the most admired location which has a well-planned neighborhood. It has some top-notch malls which include Plaza Indonesia, Pacific Place, and Grand Indonesia which are only 15-minutes’ drive from you. Besides that, Kuningan also has some high standard international schools which are close by.


These days, the development of skyscrapers in Jakarta has boomed in the surrounding of Senayan complex. Some magnificent malls in Senayan are FX Center, Senayan City, Plaza Senayan. Nevertheless, the primary reasons why people buy condos in Senayan City Residence, Residence 8 Senopati, FX Residence, and Permata Senayan Apartments, is because of the Senayan Golf Courses and advanced offices in Senayan Towers I, II, III.

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Kebayoran Baru

Kebayoran Baru is another area in South Jakarta where buying a condo will be a good investment. It is also located close to malls like Blok M, Pacific Place, Pasaraya, FX Center, Senayan City, and Plaza Senayan which makes shopping smooth for residents.

Pondok Indah

The environment of Pondok Indah is a strategic and well-planned place with a fantastic atmosphere. It is also part of the favorite neighborhoods in Jakarta because the environment is very nice and it has shopping malls and business districts surrounding it. This place also has some international schools such as Jakarta Intercultural School, British International School, and Jakarta International School. Pondok Indah also has some five-star buildings with high-end facilities.