Buying property in Port Dickson

Buying property in Port Dickson

With ready sunshine, beautiful beaches and low cost of living all within easy reach of Kuala Lumur, Port Dickson is a good choice for buying property both for investment and holiday purposes. One of the more popular locations for foreign buyers is the Blue Lagoon; one of Port Dickson’s more quiet and peaceful beaches.

Bagan Pinang is another popular locale near Port Dickson town area, close to most of the more well-known resorts and hotels. The most sought after location however, is Teluk Kemang; Port Dickson’s most popular beach with excellent tourist facilities. The frequently busy beach is covered with fine orange sand and is the best place in Port Dickson for watersports enthusiasts.

Those considering buying a new development property in Malaysia should always check the local prices, as they can run the risk of paying far more than local or Singaporean buyers who have access to the true prices of homes.

Port Dickson

One well-used method of checking to see if a property investment is worthwhile is to ask if local banks will provide mortgages on it. Most Malaysian banks will lend up to 80 per cent on bona fide property developments from reputable companies to suitably qualified foreign buyers. If a local Malaysian bank won’t lend on it then don’t buy, even if you don’t need to finance the purchase.